Copyright 2007 - 2014 SLWK., Selected works

Founded in 2007,
SLWK has started to expand its creative area
into clothes from its first creation for personal interests.

SLWK has been building its own characters and vision
through succession of traditional crafted-fabrication style,
experience and activity achieved by direct involvements.
Fabricating works based on various experience and influence,
SLWK explores certain goal-oriented structure, style and feeling
which are contemporary trend and tradition.
Besides these creative activity, SLWK is trying to involve actively
with the process which can be transmitted from generation to generation.

So, creating modern men-style which are combined with experiences
from the past and its own purpose,
SLWK connects the values in its own perspective which are still yet solid.

We are at the moment building our future which describes
the past through our clothes in this old and massive city.
Showroom & Office
4F1 112-20 Sogongdong Junggu Seoul S.Korea
+82 (0)70 4194 1980

Shop hours
1pm - 8pm *by appointment
Closed on Sunday


SLWK. Sales showroom

MSK Shop
6F 569-31 Shinsadong Gangnamgu Seoul S.Korea
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